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4 Important Things to Tell the Moving Company

When working with professional movers to plan for your relocation, you will probably discuss a number of auxiliary services in which you may or may not be interested. However, be sure to mention special conditions of your own that may impact the moving arrangements and agreement that are being prepared so that everyone knows what to do on the big day. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

1. Physically or Mentally Challenged Residents

If current residents in your home have mental or physical challenges or disabilities, it may be a good idea to let the movers know in advance. Otherwise, they misinterpret the person’s behavior. You can let them know that Uncle Benny likes to ask a lot of questions, or Grandma Evans does not usually return greetings or speak to strangers, in this case the moving crew. Of course, these beloved family members might not be present during the move, but if they are, explanations in advance are appreciated.

2. Special Value Furniture and Heirlooms

While you already know to inform the moving company about extremely valuable furniture or delicate items, it is a good idea to have those things appraised beforehand. Although an accident is unlikely, having a valid appraisal of an item’s worth will be helpful for compensation or replacement purposes. Even non-valuable but especially meaningful items, like a child’s first bicycle that is no longer ridden but remains as a keepsake in the garage, should be handled carefully with a word of advice rather than let a mover assume the rusty bike is waiting for the recycle bin and thus does not require special care.

3. Property Safety Concerns

Although residents probably have gotten used to that loose front porch step, it is important to let the movers know about it. Anything that could be hazardous or detrimental to the moving day activities should be explained in advance, and possibly restated in a written note posted at the site of the problem on moving day. A toilet that keeps running after flushing, a dripping sink, or a malfunctioning electrical outlet can be frustrating. There is a great source of information available on the http://www.hudsonmovers.com/ website.

4. Weather Backup Plan

If changeable weather is in the forecast, have a backup plan and supplies in case the weather is uncooperative. If a blizzard is headed your way, you will likely want to reschedule the move. For heavy rain, extra coverings for furniture going to and from the moving truck may be needed. Although movers tend to be well prepared for these contingencies, it helps when homeowners think ahead, too.

Some of these tips may seem obvious, but moving can be busy and stressful. Make a list of things like these to discuss with a mover in advance.


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