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4 of Your Most Common Furnace Installation Questions Answered

A new furnace installation may be necessary in your home before the winter season. But the task comes with many questions, such as how do you know the right model to choose? When is the right time to install a new furnace? Find out the answers to your frequently asked furnace installation questions below.

1. When Is It Time to Replace the Old Furnace?

Knowing the right time to replace your old furnace can save you a lot of time and money. While it’s difficult to determine how long a furnace will last, the following signs are indications that your existing furnace needs a replacement.

a. Age is no longer on its side as the furnace edge closer to the 15-year mark. The lifespan of a furnace is usually 20 years. If your furnace is older than that, then it’s a sign that it needs to be replaced.

b. Your furnace breaks down too often, requiring costly repair works. Once a furnace approaches the end of its service life, it begins to malfunction. So if your HVAC technician visits your home for repairs regularly, then it is wise to consider new furnace installation.

2. How Much Does a Furnace Installation Cost?

Keep in mind that the cost of a furnace installation varies, and it depends on many factors. On average, the cost of the installation is $4,000. Some of the factors that may affect the price of the installation include the furnace’s energy efficiency, fuel source, and system capacity. It is important to get quotes for the installation cost from many local contractors and compare the prices.

3. How Can I Prepare for the Furnace Installation?

A furnace installation is better left to a professional contractor with years of experience in the industry. Prior to installing a new furnace, there are some things you should do. This includes researching the many different furnace makes and models on the market. In your quest to find the right furnace, consider your needs and choose a system that can serve you well.

Then, you’ll need to hire a contractor. One way to choose a local contractor you can trust with your work is by doing research. You’ll come across a wide range of options from which to choose from. From the list, choose a few technicians to contact and request a quote. Another option is to get referrals and recommendations from family and friends. Also, check to see if the contractor is licensed and certified. Once you’ve chosen a contractor who meets your needs, requirements and budget, the next step is to prepare the heating installation area in wait for the scheduled date of installation.

4. Can I Install It Myself?

As mentioned, a furnace installation Oshawa should be performed by a licensed and certified heating and cooling contractor. Installing a new furnace requires advanced technical knowledge and skills. A professional contractor will help install your heating system accurately and safely to keep you and your family members protected. Improper installation will impact the efficiency level of your mechanical system.

Safeguard your investment by contacting a licensed contractor to handle the installation.


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