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4 Unlikely Reasons to Hire a Plumber

Many plumbing problems can be fixed by layman. Even someone with no experience can learn to fix small leaks with a modicum of home research. On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, what kind of problems can only be solved by the very best plumber? Here are four outlandish projects that plumbers sometimes have to undertake.

1. Extracting large objects

Usually we think of a plumber’s job as one that requires the flushing away of blockages. Water is plunged at a higher than usual pressure to remove something, for example. Sometimes snakes are employed to break up debris inside of pipes. But occasionally a further measure is called for: extraction. This is perhaps the most interesting part of any plumber’s job, depending on what was intended to be flushed in the first place. For more information, you may want to consult with Express Rooter for their resources and insights.

2. The Most Obvious Thing in the World

Sometimes it takes a specialist to find it. Has your hot water not been working for a minute? You might have considered yourself a fairly savvy home plumber and taken a crack at it yourself. You brought out your tools, made adjustments to the water heater, tested it out, made another tweak, tested it, and so on. Finally you tried everything you could think of, so you gave up and called a professional. In only minutes after walking through the door, he found the problem: the water heater is turned off. With a flip of a switch, he’s on his merry way again.

3. Environmentally Conscious Plumbing

There’s a great demand these days for environment-friendly services in all sectors. Plumbing is no exception. In some areas it’s common to see rainwater tanks set up. Well hookups are another specialty of the trade. The most interesting thing about this kind of job is that there is an economic benefit in addition to the reduced burden on Mother Nature. No one has to pay for rainwater to fall.

4. High Pressure Drain Cleaning

This is certainly not an environmentally-friendly technique, but it is an emerging standard in plumbing. Water is flushed through your drains at a much higher than normal pressure to remove obstacles and blockages. This is the most reliable first option for cleaning your pipes. These water jets remove almost all of the gunk in your system immediately. However, this service can be costly in the short term as not all plumbers have the tools to use this technique.

Plumbing is just another vehicle of human ingenuity. Behind the simple question of how to get water from point A to point B, there are myriad untold techniques. Your imagination is the limit! But you still might want to call a pro.


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