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5 Easily Forgotten Items during a Move and How to Organize Them

Are you planning to move? It is easy to misplace or forget some of your belongings amidst the chaos. Imagine forgetting to carry the basics you require at your new place. Organizing the easily forgotten items during a move ensures you do not leave essentials and makes things easy for your mover. Here are five easily forgotten items and how to organize them.

1. Medicine

Medicine is crucial, yet easily overlooked when moving. If you forget your medicine, your health is at risk. Be sure to clear out your medicine cabinets among the first things. Pack them in a box and clearly label it. Remember to transfer any pending refill to a drugstore closer to your new residence.

2. Batteries

Batteries are essential when operating some electronics. Gadgets such as the smoke signal or the television remote may not work without batteries. You may also require having a flashlight during your first week in the new house. When moving, take out all the cells from all electrical devices you may have. Pack them together and clearly label the package.

3. Toothbrush and Toilet Papers

What is the possibility of forgetting your toothbrush? Most people do not even think about the toothbrush or packing up toiletries. Make sure you have a good quantity of toilet papers in the house during the moving process. Forgetting to carry toilet paper means that you and the Calgary movers will have a hard time using the washrooms, once you arrive in the new house. Consider purchasing a few toiletries before moving. Pack all toiletries together. It will allow you to save on having to make a trip to a convenience store during an already busy day.

4. Tool Kit

The possibility of requiring your tool box the next day after relocating is high. You will require simple tools like the Hammer, tape measure and pliers. Make sure your toolbox contains all the necessary tools. Also, label the tool box and keep it in a position you can access easily.

5. Chargers

When sorting out the electronics in the house have a separate box for the chargers and label it. You want to avoid a situation where your chargers are misplaced and you cannot charge your gadgets unless you buy new ones. Depending on the number of devices you have, you can pack different chargers separately for easy identification. Pack the laptop and phone chargers together, since you use the devices frequently. As for the rest of the chargers, you can put them in a separate box. Again, label the cartons to enable the mover to identify them without much trouble.


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