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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring for Your Kitchen

Oftentimes, when people think of kitchen flooring, the first thing that comes to mind is tile or linoleum. While these materials are popular for good reason, using the right wood flooring can enhance the look of your kitchen. Wood floors are just as easy to clean and highly durable. Here are some factors to consider.

1. Colour

Consult any trustworthy interior designer and they will recommend using wood flooring throughout your home, including in the kitchen area. However, one thing that may be different in the kitchen is the risk of spillage and stains from cooking mishaps. One of the major concerns most homeowners have about hardwood flooring in the kitchen is durability. Since the kitchen is a high traffic area and sees a lot more spills when compared to other rooms, many homeowners believe wood flooring is not an ideal choice for the kitchen. The truth is any flooring, including tiles, is prone to damage from excessive spills. For this reason, it’s often recommended that you choose a darker hardwood floor that’s better at hiding blemishes in the kitchen.

2. Finish

One of the ways to protect your flooring from water damage is using the right finish. And when it comes to kitchen wood flooring, a water-based polyurethane finish is recommended because it is a great water repellent. The finishes applied to your wood flooring will make it tougher and more durable, so your wood flooring can take on any spills that may occur.

3. Waterproof Mats

As we’ve already discussed, we know the kitchen is susceptible to spills. Be sure to place waterproof mats in common areas where water drips often, such as under the dishwasher, the sink, and the refrigerator. These waterproof mats will absorb any water that would have been left standing on your wood flooring otherwise. Just as importantly, make sure to clean major spills immediately. This will further extend the lifespan of your hardwood floors. Water splashes will not soak through your finish, unless, of course, it’s not cleaned up right away.

4. Choice of Wood

Since the kitchen area sees a lot of traffic on a daily basis, it is advisable to choose a tougher domestic wood flooring like oak, maple, or cherry. There are other great wood species that are somewhat tougher; however, their tropical origin makes them vulnerable to moisture. You should also consider whether to opt for hardwood or engineering flooring. Both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

5. Sheen

Wood flooring finishes come in different sheens ranging from low-shine satin to high gloss. Sheen helps make your flooring looking more beautiful and shiny. Also, it helps in spreading natural light around the room. The best sheen to go for in the kitchen is a satin sheen finish. These finishes are designed to enhance the look of your kitchen floor, and they are great for hiding dirt and food particles.

Wood flooring can give your entire home, including the kitchen area, a classic look. These tips listed above will help you choose the right look for your kitchen floor.


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