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5 Plumbing Services That Your House Might Need

A professional plumber is an asset when you’re having plumbing issues. Some minor do-it-yourself fixes are generally okay, but messing with your plumbing can cause some serious headaches, and can turn an easily solvable problem into a much bigger project. But some people are hesitant to hire a plumber, for any number of reasons. Understanding some different facts about plumbers may help homeowners understand why they are so important.

1. Plumbers can be insured

If you make sure you hire an insured plumber, you are taking all of the responsibility off of your shoulders. The plumber will be able to properly fix whatever you’re problem is, but if anything goes wrong in the process – more specifically, if anything they do directly causes more damage – you will have nothing to worry about. Of course, it is not expected that your professional plumber will do more damage, however mistakes happen. So, if you’re having a problem with trusting someone you don’t know, knowing they are insured should help ease your mind. You may want to browse the Express Rooter Plumbing website for additional information.

2. Plumbers have seen it all

Hiring an experienced plumber means they have seen everything from the most basic problems to the weirdest of the weird. Knowing your plumber is experienced means that you can relax a little and let them give their diagnosis. An experienced plumber will easily recognize basic issues, and will be able to make educated guesses on more difficult ones. They will be able to choose the right parts and recommend the right services. If you are worried about rookie mistakes, hire an experienced and knowledgeable plumber. You can ask the plumber how long they have been working, or you can look for reviews and other indicators of how experienced and professional they are.

3. Plumbers can help with prevention

Plumbers can actually help you prevent plumbers. That is to say, plumbers can help you prevent problems that would require a plumber’s assistance. Having your plumbing inspected every year is a great way to avoid having to call a plumber for a silly, preventable reason. They can detect weak or cracked pipes, or other places where your plumbing may need repair. Just like you would take your car in for maintenance, or just as you would go see a doctor for a check up, having a plumber take a look at your pipes to make sure everything is in tip-top shape is the best way to avoid plumbing problems.

4. Plumbers can give you a quote

If you are worried about getting over-charged for plumbing services, this is one thing that will put your mind at ease. Any professional plumber will be happy to give you a quote, in writing, before they begin their services. If the services aren’t too urgent you could even look around to see what the average price is. This way you can avoid plumbers who are charging way too much, and plumbers who are charging way too little. Getting a written quote is a good way to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of.

5. Plumbers can put a warranty on their work

It’s up to you to ask and find out what exactly is under a warranty, but plumbers can offer a warranty on some of their work and parts. This often means that within a year of the work being done, if something goes wrong the plumber can come back and fix it. Especially for people who are concerned about paying money for services that don’t last, having a warranty on the work means they can be assured it will be fixed if the work doesn’t hold for a certain amount of time.


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