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5 Real Estate CRM Features That Will Boost Your Productivity

Realtors are constantly on the move, showing homes, negotiating offers, and marketing their services. They could use all the help they can get to increase their efficiency and productivity. An all-in-one real estate CRM software program can help. Here are some proven ways this CRM will help increase your productivity.

1. Mobile-friendly

A real estate CRM software system designed for office use only is not an ideal solution. Real estate agents spend most of their time on the move. Only a few spend the entire day in the office, so a flexible solution is a must. With all-in-one real estate CRM software, agents can enter and update data from anywhere, at any time of the day, right from their phones. A mobile CRM program makes it possible to access your account from any location and on any device so long as you have an internet connection. You won’t need to be stuck in the office to update and enter vital information on your desktop computer with a mobile-friendly feature. Visit Ixact Real Estate CRM for additional information.

2. Contact and Lead Management

Your CRM should function as your address book and lead management system. It should give you an overview of all your clients and leads in order of priority. Your CRM program should enable you to automatically input new contacts, update old contacts, and keep track of your leads.

3. Property Management

Today, CRM software has made it easier for real estate agents to effectively manage as many properties as possible, thanks to its user-friendly property database. Just like with your contacts, this platform gives you total control over your properties, regardless of size. Not only that, the platform also allows for easy property record updates and for assigning team members to each property.

4. Automatic Property Proposals That Impress

In the past, you may have struggled to create impressive property proposals in short order. And even if you managed to create such a proposal, you may have to admit that its structure and formatting may not be ideal. It is difficult to create a well-formatted property proposal that will impress your clients. Thankfully, real estate CRM software system today can take away the stress and make you more productive in this regard. The platform should be able to automatically create a uniquely written property proposal within seconds that you can send to your clients. Equally impressive is the fact that you can keep track of all property proposals when this feature is included.

5. Follow-up Tracking

One big mistake real estate agents make is relying on their sales personnel for follow-ups. Despite having a highly functional team, they may forget the most vital aspects of lead and customer management due to daily work pressures. With the right CRM, you can simplify the process and reduce the workload on your salespeople. Follow-up tracking has never been easier. Schedule your emails and/or SMS and send them at the appropriate time. Also, you can send personalized emails to clients. By automating all these tasks using real estate CRM, your workforce can become more productive and efficient.

There are so many ways real estate CRM can increase productivity and enhance efficiency. It’s clear that now’s the time to consider an all-in-one CRM software system.


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