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5 Real Estate CRM Softwares

The real estate CRM software helps the professionals who are in real estate business to have all their customers in one database. It is possible to work together with other agents who are in the same market since they all can access the database from different locations. All agents who are signed in the database can also see what other agents are talking about with the clients making it transparent. It is also easy to view appointments and conversations which makes it easy to follow up and to respond to a client even though you were not the agent that he or she was initially dealing with. Everything about the software is automated hence making service delivery fast and effective.

1. Contractually

It is software that mainly deals with emails. It helps to identify the emails in your inbox that are real estate related and suggest the next step that you are likely to take with your customers. The software can organize prospective customers hence helps you build stronger connections with them for future business transactions. It is also possible to integrate it with your calendar of events following its easy to use and navigate interface. Additionally, it is possible to reach as many clients as possible with a personalized message within a short time.

2. Market leader

This real estate CRM has helped agents grow their business for the last 20 years. It helps in generating leads, manage your client’s contacts as well as manage teams of realtors. It has over 250,000 agents presently and has helped them be more productive and successful as well. They also offer excellent customer support education, leads, and products to their customers. It has an easy to use and navigate interface which is accessible over the phone as well.

3. realtyJuggler

This one helps organize real estate agents as well as help them manage their clients. Multiple users access it at the same time. It is a simple to use real estate CRM and focuses on improving the average real estate agents to grow themselves in their business. It is possible to synchronize it with your phone hence you can use it while you are on the go. It has five types of real estate calculators; mortgage payments, rent-vs-own and max loan among others. It also has a bulk email backup system.

4. Follow up boss

It is easy to use software with basic email and social media management systems. It is connected to the email inbox and automatically sync all contacts with the system. It sieves unwanted emails out of the system; hence you will only get to read those that are real estate related. It instantly alerts you when there are new deals as well as closed deals.

5. CoStar Brokerage

It was formerly known as REApplications and is best suited for real estate firms. It helps manage clients, properties and clients relationships. It is easy to use and provides a detailed statics report of the market on a daily basis. All information is displayed on a single page making it easy to use. It also has a graphical representation of the current market status as well as historical trends. A lot of the resources at Ixact Real Estate CRM could be useful if you want more information.


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