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5 Services a Plumber Can Provide

Functional plumbing is an important part of any home or business building. Homeowners will often need professional plumbing services at some point in their home ownership. Professional plumbers can be hired that are knowledgeable about plumbing repair and maintenance services. Some minor plumbing concerns may be solved without a plumber, but more serious issues require professional work to prevent further damage. Here we discuss five services offered by professional plumbers.

1. Drainage services

Faucets, toilets, or drains can become severely clogged. These issues can lead to problems with flushing, overflows, and movement of waste and water through the pipes. In the event of a clog, pipes must be repaired and cleaned to restore function and prevent damage to the plumbing system. Problems can arise or worsen if blockages continue to build up over time, which can damage the pipes. Plumbers have a number of tools to unblock drainage lines and return the pipes to normal function. If you need additional resources, Express Rooter may be able to offer you more information on their website.

2. Replacement of water and sewage lines

Broken or damaged plumbing can lead to a number of problems. Broken pipes may leak and this can cause damage to other parts of a home or building. Professional plumbers have sensors to detect damaged plumbing lines and identify any weak spots in the plumbing system. Scanners and other equipment are used to detect small cracks in the plumbing network. The plumber can evaluate the condition of the entire system and determine the most cost-effective way to repair or replace damaged lines.

3. Plumbing inspections

Routine maintenance and upkeep of a plumbing system is important for any home. Inspection of plumbing systems can ensure that pipes are functioning properly and can act as a preventative measure against potential damage. Plumbing inspections can help maintain the long-term health of a plumbing system. Plumbers can also provide a list of potential future hazards and make recommendations for immediate fixes. This can also be helpful when preparing to sell a home.

4. Replacement or repair of water heaters

Hot water heaters have a limited lifespan and should be replaced every 8 to 10 years. Sediment can accumulate on the bottom of a hot water tank over time which makes them less effective at heating water. This will increase gas or electric bills as the heater needs to work harder to produce hot water. Professional plumbers can replace a hot water heater if it is no longer working at an optimal level. They can also repair the heater if a fully replacement is not needed.

5. Sewer system services

Damage to a sewage system is often expensive to repair, but is necessary to avoid possible adverse health effects. Sewer pipe damage should be repaired quickly before the problem worsens. Backed-up sewer systems are also a major concern and can be resolved with professional plumbing services. Sewage back-up may lead to foul odours, issues with drainage, and sewage overflows. Restoring a sewage system to proper function is important for both home and personal health.


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