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5 Ways to Prepare for Moving Homes

Hiring moving services can alleviate a ton of moving-day stress, but just because you’ve hired a crew does not mean you are totally off the hook. To make sure all of your things arrive at the new location safe and sound, you need to do some preparations before the moving services company arrives. These preparations are for the safety of your personal belongings and for the safety of the movers.

1. Find out what the movers won’t move

Moving companies will have a list of things they won’t move. These are things you will need to relocate yourself or find special moving services to move them for you. These items often include things like highly valuable items, large sums of money, toxic chemicals, and pets. Moving companies usually won’t transport opened food items, perishable foods and liquids. Depending on the company the list will differ, so make sure you are aware of the items you need to make alternative arrangements for.

2. Get rid of your extra things

Moving services often charge based on quantity and time, so before you even get a quote on the move you should rid your home of all the things you no longer have a use for. It will save you money in the long run, and it simplifies the moving process. You’ll arrive at your new destination with less clutter and less stress.

If getting rid of the things you don’t want to take is not an option – for instance if not all of the furniture is yours to keep or if you weren’t able to remove it before the movers arrived – make sure it is clearly marked that it is not to move, and make sure the movers know to look for those marks.

3. Make a list

To help keep yourself organized, and to make sure you don’t lose anything along the way, keep a precise list of everything you’re moving. This helps to keep the moving services accountable for your items. Although not frequently, mistakes do happen, and if you have a definite list of items there will be no questions asked later. It’s also a good way for you to keep track of everything so you don’t make any mistakes or forget anything and it can help keep you organized when you’re trying to get everything set up in the new place

4. Labels, labels, labels

Moving services are there to offer the best possible moving experience for their clients, however there are some ways you can make it easier on yourself too. One of those ways is to label everything. Label which room it should go into and what’s inside. This well help you with organizing in the new place. You won’t have to spend a bunch of time unpacking kitchen boxes that somehow ended up in the office and bedroom boxes that ended up in the living room. If you properly label everything, they can be right where they need to be which will make things a lot easier on you. You can find additional resources by visiting Hudson Movers Ltd.

5. Set up the moving services

There are some logistics that go into hiring moving services. What time will they arrive? How long do they expect it to take? How many movers will there be? Ask questions in preparation for your move. Ask for a list of items they charge extra for. Sometimes companies will charge more for things like going up and down a flight of stairs to move things, so don’t end up with any costly surprises. It is also always good to ask that they do a quote on-site. This way it’s not as much guesswork as they can see your home and give an accurate price.


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