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5 Ways to Prevent Lock Bumping

Studies reveal that two out of every four home break-ins don’t indicate a sign of forced entry. The statistic is alarming, and you don’t want to fall into the category. Lock bumping is a technology where buglers open locks using a rapping key or bump key, which must match with the target key. With the number of lock bumping break-ins increasing, people ought to know preventative measures. You should hire a locksmith to inspect your security and access techniques and make the necessary adjustments.

1. Clear visibility

One of the perfect ways to prevent lock bumping is by clearing visibility in your home or business premises. Make sure the landscaping around your office or home is clean. Criminals take advantage of bushy surroundings to cover them as they gain access to homes or offices. Places with excellent lighting and open spaces prevent intruders from gaining access to homes.

2. Security cameras

You cannot detect the indications of lock bumping after it has occurred. Therefore, it is advisable to install security cameras so that you can easily prove to your insurance company of the fraudulent claim. A forensic locksmith can use the security cameras to help you establish your case to the insurance company. Also, extra security measures help you when the professional is not able to prove a lock bumping claim. Make sure you hire locksmiths to install security cameras in strategic locations in your home, such as main doors and windows.

3. Anti-lock bumping devices

You should consider the use of anti-lock bumping devices that bar the thumb turn from turning. It is an affordable option that most people can use, and still be safe from criminals. The use of an anti-lock bump device is a convenient option that you can use on entry doors because the device is also essential in preventing keys from unlocking doors.

4. Install security pins

You should consider hiring locksmiths to install security pins in your locks. The pins make the lock harder than before so that criminals are not able to bump it. The security pins are made in a way that they bind before they enter the shear line of a lock. Security pins discourage burglars because they prefer a quiet entry and exit to noisy break-ins since they can easily get detected and are often recommended by a home security checklist.

5. Keyless deadbolt locks

Keyless deadbolt locks are gaining popularity in most homes and offices in a bid to prevent lock bumping. However, be sure that the keyless deadbolt lock is bump proof because the old versions still have a key cylinder that can easily get bumped. The keyless deadbolts locks offer extra security against lock bumping because you can enhance them when they have the biometric technique. The locks are most costly than other locks, but they are worth every penny.


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