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5 Ways to Use Your Real Estate CRM to Create Marketing Campaigns

In order to increase productivity and stay competitive in today’s real estate industry, technology is an absolute necessity. Real estate CRM, in particular, can help you keep track of contacts, reach out at different touch points, and create marketing campaigns to help you nurture leads and close more deals. Here are helpful tips on how to create successful marketing campaigns.

1. Segment Your Leads

Identifying your audience is the first step to building a successful marketing campaign. All efforts exerted will be for naught if you’re sending the wrong information to the wrong leads.

In your CRM database, there are different categories of target audiences grouped according to their real estate needs. You have sellers, buyers, first timers, and hot leads, just to mention a few. By segmenting your leads, you can reach the right people with the right message.

2. Draft Engaging Content

Now that you’ve segmented your leads, you can draft engaging content for each list based on the needs of the target audience. At this juncture, having the right CRM will come in handy. You can create templates and tailor your marketing strategies to deliver the right results. Hot leads will get different marketing emails than first-time buyers, for example. It is important to draft relevant content specific to each of your demographics. To achieve better results, strive to personalize every email. Each email should include the name of the recipient. People are more likely to read personalized emails with their names on them.

3. Automate Email Follow-Ups

Your real estate CRM ensures leads get personalized attention every step of the way. Automating email follow-ups helps you keep communication flowing, even if you’re busy.

Once a lead has taken an action, such as filling out a form on your website, you can get in touch immediately with automated email follow-ups. Your real estate CRM software will send unique responses to every action automatically.

4. Keep Track of Marketing Campaign Performance

Prior to executing your marketing plan, you need to clearly state the primary objective behind your campaign. Do you want your audience to take an action after reading the content? If yes, what type of action?

With real estate CRM, you can keep track of responses and open rates, and log each interaction automatically. This way, you can easily see what works and what needs to be fixed in your marketing campaign.

5. Share on Social Media

In order to be relevant in the real estate business, building a strong online presence is a necessity. It is important to keep prospects and customers engaged on social media. The internet offers a handful of marketing opportunities online so it will be wise to take advantage of it. Your real estate CRM should integrate with key social networks to further enhance your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

The primary reason for marketing is to increase your customer base. Not only that, it is a great way to build trust, as well as keep customers engaged and up to date. By using your CRM to manage marketing campaigns, you can achieve all these objectives. A good place to find more resources is at the Ixact Real Estate CRM website.


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