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6 Signs of a Dying Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are an excellent way of shredding food and other waste products from your kitchen pipes to keep them clean and prevent debris accumulation and clogging. A garbage disposal that is not functional could cause a huge mess in your kitchen. Consequently, homeowners should keep an eye on their garbage disposal so that they know when to call a plumber to replace them. Dying garbage disposal will show some signs; thus, you need to know the symptoms so that you act before it becomes a severe concern.

1. Smells bad

You can use several tricks to get rid of bad smells coming from your garbage disposal. Some of the tricks include using vinegar, citrus cleaners, baking soda, and dish soap. However, if you have tried all the methods and nothing seems to change, it is time you called your plumber to replace the disposal. Don’t wait for the concern to get worse than before.

2. Frequent clogs

Your disposal should not often clog if you are maintaining or treating it with care. The disposal should function effectively as long as you don’t force items like grease into it and you are running water while it is in use. However, you might have to replace your disposal with a bigger one that can handle your kitchen waste if you have been experiencing disposal clogs over a long time. Experienced plumbers can assist you to know the appropriate disposal for your home to avoid frequent clogs.

3. Abnormal noises

Any weird sound coming from your disposal should be a warning sign of impending danger. Garbage disposals have moving parts that can become noisy at times. Strange noises could be as a result of things blocking the disposal. You can check the disposal with a flashlight as you wait for a plumbing expert to arrive. Abnormal sounds are an indication of dying disposal that requires replacement.

4. It won’t turn on

A garbage disposal that is not turning on is a sign that the amenity is faulty. You can press the reset button to check whether the disposal will turn on or not. Also, check the circuit breaker in the electrical panel.

If the measures don’t work, then you should consider calling an expert to inspect the disposal and probably replace or repair it. If you want to learn more, the Drain Rescue Plumber website has plenty of useful information and resources.

5. It takes time to grind

You might need to repair or replace your disposal even if it is functioning well, but it takes a long time to grind. Its blades could be dull. Call a plumber to inspect the blades and install a new unit.

6. Leaks

Sometimes you might notice leaks around disposal seals. Fortunately, you can quickly fix such an issue. However, you might have to invest in a new unit if your current one has cracks. Cracked disposals result to huge leaks.


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