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9 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent

Nowadays we have so many resources at our disposal that we can practically do anything thrown at us without needing help from anyone. Not even a professional. That’s probably why when people first think about buying or selling a house they can’t fathom why some people even consider hiring a Toronto real estate agent. Sure enough, you can easily buy or sell a house through the regular marketing and advertising channels or internet without a real estate agent, or any representation. But not everyone is cut out for the task at hand. Some do fine while other don’t. So today we’ll be looking at the reasons why you need to consider hiring a real estate agent.

1. The education and Experience

There’s no point of learning anything about the housing market if you already have a real estate agent representing your interests. You’ll be hiring someone who’s more intelligent than you are in that field, so if you think about it, that literally proves you’re more intelligent than they are. Just make sure you settle for someone who has a wealth of experience and is well educated in real estate. Eventually, you’ll realize that the hiring pros gave you more precious time.

2. Buffering isn’t a bad idea

Are you looking for a way to take the spam out of your house visits and showings? Use a real estate agent. They’ll act as the filter that deals with all those endless phone calls if you’re selling, or the shield that keeps the builder’s agents at bay if you’re buying a new home.

3. Neighborhood knowledge

A real estate agent is the one professional who already possess the intimate knowledge about your neighborhood, and also knows where to find the buzz that you need. They won’t grapple identifying comparable sales and will even point you towards the direction to find data of demographics, crime, and schools.

4. Price Guidance

For some reason, people always think that it’s the real estate agent who sets the price for the buyer or seller. There’s no truth there. The agent will only guide the client. So if you’re a seller, they’ll ask you to use the information that they’ve gathered for you to set the appropriate price.

5. Marketing conditions information

Some of the things that will have a significant bearing to what you decide will be the median and average sales prices, the ratios of list-to-sold prices, similar homes average per square foot cost, among other criteria. The real estate agent will disclose all these market conditions information.

6. Professional Networking

The agent will have a network with other service providers who are professionals that you’ll need when buying or selling a house. So they will give you a reference list that has details and background information of people they’ve worked with in the past.

7. Negotiation skills and confidentiality

A top producing agent can eliminate the emotional aspects of a transaction and negotiate well because they are trained in that field. Don’t mistake him or her for a messenger. They are only there to present your case in the best light and hold your information confidentially.

8. Handling volumes of paperwork

A typical purchase agreement will run ten pages or more and this doesn’t even include the state and federal mandated disclosures. Let’s just say, you’ll be happy you have an agent when the time comes.

9. Answers questions after closing

The transaction might have been smooth but you can never be too sure. Some complications can come back to haunt you. For example, the transfer tax can fall months behind or the taxing authorities suddenly showing up to collect property tax assessments.

Are you now convinced you need a real estate agent when buying or selling a house? Go ahead and hire one, today.


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