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Four Signs It Is Time to Install New Windows

New windows not only enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, but they also make your indoor living spaces more comfortable. Your view to the outdoors could be better, and passersby will see that you take care of your property and keep it in good condition. If you are on the fence about whether or not to install new windows, keep these four signs of the need for window replacement in mind.

1. Your Heating Bills Are Too High

Old, leaky windows could allow up to 35 percent of the heated air from your furnace or boiler to be lost to the outdoors. Gaps and cracks around the window sills and frame facilitate unwanted air exchange with the outdoors. This is as bad as leaving your front door open all winter. During the cold Canadian winter, this could mean higher than expected heating bills. Your furnace or boiler could wear itself out before its expected lifespan, resulting in even higher expenses for home maintenance.

2. Too Many Air Drafts Around the Windows

Old windows allow cold air from outside to get into your living spaces. If you have a comfortable chair or sofa situated near a window, it could be uncomfortable to sit there. The cold air blowing on you may cause you to crank up the heat or reach for another blanket or a thick pair of woolen socks. A drafty window in your bedroom could make it difficult for you to sleep at night. Air drafts in a child’s bedroom could wake him or her up at night, leading to disrupted sleep for everyone in the house.

3. Sweating or Moisture Leaks Around the Window Frames

Sweating is a common problem in windows made with aluminum frames. The metal expands when exposed to heat and contracts when it is exposed to cold air. During the chilly Canadian winter months, the metal contracts. Moisture from typical indoor activities such as showering or cleaning seeps into the gaps around the frame. The moisture can freeze, causing icicles or frost on the inside of the glass. Dripping water may cause considerable damage to the window sill, frame and adjacent wall, ceiling and floor.

4. Cracked Glass or Warped Frames

New windows are also a good idea if your current window frames are warped. Warping may occur when moisture comes into contact with the wood or metal frame. Cracked glass is another reason to replace old windows. Cracks in the glass allow outdoor air and moisture to get into your home. The cracked glass also looks unattractive. Thieves might think your home is a good target if you have window panes that are obviously cracked.


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