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The 5 Most Common Home Windows To Go For

Most homeowners are unwary of the numerous different types of windows out there. It is until it comes to windows installation and they go shopping that they are faced with this reality. There are numerous types of windows that can complete the architectural as well as aesthetic appeal of your home. Windows are also the eyes to your home. They allow the natural light into your dwelling and keeps the home fresh and dry. Regardless of the style and size you’re looking for, below are some of the most common home windows that you can give a try.

1. Double-hung windows

This is one of the most common windows that is selected by home owners and it consists of two sashes to maneuver. Unlike in the single-hung windows, the two sashes are movable with the upper one sliding down. The main reasons for their popularity is the improved ventilation as air flows in naturally through the lower opening and out through the upper one. Their are also easily cleaned as they can be cleaned from both sides.

2. Slider Windows

These are the type of windows that open sideways and offer clear views and with ample ventilation. These type of windows are mostly used in egress windows mostly in the basement and or below-grade bedroom. This is because of their large openings as well as the easy operation. Sliders are also easy to use as they do not have mechanical sections and come with basic seals that do not bring tension. This simplicity makes them very affordable.

3. Bay Windows

These are some of the most aesthetic windows out there. They normally add more interior space in a home and make the house look elegant and stylish. They are mostly combined with the double-hung windows or casement windows on either side of the fixed window. They protrude from the house and thus allow light to enter the home through appealing and unique angles. They are preferred mostly in the family and kitchen rooms. More information can be found at Panes.

4. Casement windows

These are the windows that open outwards and this make them ideal for light and air entrance in your room. They normally have a tight seal that most people love as it is also energy efficient and helps in reducing utility costs. They are normally placed above counter tops and cabinets due to their ease of use and can also be easily cranked open.

5. Picture windows

Just as the name suggests, picture windows are specifically designed for visual appeal. They are stationary windows that are placed in areas where the views are much better and important but the airflow isn’t required. They allow maximum outdoor view and light entrance into the room.


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