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Tips to Choose the Right Size of Wood Flooring Planks for Your Home

The decision to install new wood flooring in your home is often easy to make. After all, many homeowners desire the timeless elegance of a hardwood floor in their home. This type of home flooring can add value and style to your home for decades, and it generally is easier to maintain than many other flooring types. Before you can enjoy the benefits of wood flooring in your home, you need to choose which planks to install. While the type and color of the wood may be two of the most important considerations to factor into your decision-making process, the size of the planks should also be considered. With some types of wood, you may be able to choose between wider and narrower planks. Focus on these points as you decide which size to choose.

The Total Cost of the Project

The size of your planks will impact your total installation cost in two ways. First, labor costs for installation may be slightly more with narrower planks. This is because it will take more time and effort to install narrower planks than wider planks that take up more surface area with each board. Second, narrower boards are typically more affordable for a manufacturer to produce, so they may be cheaper on a per square foot basis. This can vary by the type of hardwood flooring NYC you are looking at. The best idea is to choose the right style for your home, and then calculate the cost for smaller or larger boards to determine which is most affordable.

The Impact of Plank Size on the Look of the Floors

Cost is not the only factor to consider when looking at wood floor installation for your home. The size of the planks can have a direct impact on the look of your home flooring once the wood has been installed. Narrower planks generally create more lines in the floor in comparison to wider planks. With this in mind, wider planks may be more visually appealing. This is particularly true if the two plank sizes you are considering are grossly different in size. It may be helpful for you to visit a wood floor showroom to see the visual impact that narrow versus wide planks can have on a room.

Each homeowner has a different preference for wider or narrower planks. Some may allow their budget to largely guide their decision, but others are more interested in creating the right look in their home by investing in the best planks for their needs. Because the plank size can affect your project in different ways, it is important to focus on this factor before you buy your hardwood floor planks.


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