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Top 5 Trade Fields to Go Into

If you are looking for a new path in life, you may be considering whether to go to college, university, or trade school. The trades are an exciting choice for someone embarking on a new career path, and may offer lucrative salaries and the opportunity to own your own business. From becoming an electrician, to a plumber, to a carpenter, there are so many different options for entering the trades. Let’s take a look at the top 5 trade fields you can go into.

1. Plumber

Plumbers are highly skilled professionals who deal with water in our homes and businesses. Aside from unclogging the toilet, plumbers have the opportunity to solve puzzles and make creative choices with the work they do. While plumbing may have an unglamorous reputation, it certainly pays well. Plumbers can expect to make $30/hour and can eventually make over $75/hour, depending on the type of work they do. Plumbers must be licensed and registered, and typically complete an apprenticeship before being able to work independently.

2. Electrician

Electricians use mathematics skills and practical knowledge to make sure the power and lights work in our homes and businesses. Electricians can work in homes, offices, or power plants to repair problems and install new hardware. Electricians must complete a training program as well as an apprenticeship in order to practice independently. They must pass a test that shows they know how to safely conduct themselves in their work.

3. Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanics repair and maintain cars and trucks. While typically considered a blue collar job, auto mechanics have a lot of specialized knowledge and must be trained properly to ensure their job is done well. From oil changes, to air conditioner repairs, to changing the tires, the job of an auto mechanic is never boring. Plus, you can often start if you have basic car repair knowledge, and learn by watching. Job shadowing can be one of the best ways to enter this field. If you are interested in learning more, visit Express Rooter.

4. Carpenter

Carpenters work with wood, creating custom cabinetry, furniture, trim, and decks for homeowners and businesses. If you enjoy design and working with wood, carpentry may be a good choice for you. You’ll be able to create beautiful works of art that serve an important function to a family, such as a new staircase or a back deck. You’ll use wood, varnish, drills, and saws to complete your work, and you can often make good money if you are a smart business owner.

5. Construction

Construction workers frame and build buildings. There are many kinds of jobs construction workers do, including jack hammering, framing, operating cranes, installing insulation, and finishing the roof. You can often get into construction by starting as a general labourer and getting an idea of what jobs you like. Then, you can complete a training program and apply for more specialized jobs.


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