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What Makes Kingston Ontario A Good Place To Retire

Even though Kingston boasts a lot of retirement homes, there are many other great reasons that retirees have decided to call this small Ontario city home. The quieter, slower lifestyle is what many people are looking for when they retire from their jobs. One of Kingston’s greatest assets, because of the range of care options, is the fact that it gives so many seniors greater flexibility in living the type of life they want.

A Broad Range of Options

Many seniors or people approaching retirement age overlook the range of options available because they feel that they don’t require care. Nursing homes and long term care options are often the best for seniors with serious health needs who cannot live independently. Senior homes and retirement homes may be good choices for retirees who have fewer care needs, but prefer to have a range of activities to enjoy.

Great Amenities for an Easier Life

Seniors who choose retirement homes not only have the chance to have private rooms or apartments, but also have access to housekeeping services. Individual facilities have varying amenities, but it is not uncommon for these facilities to feature fitness rooms, libraries, chapels, and other areas for informal gatherings. Residents can also take advantage of a range of activities, made possible through transportation options available at many senior homes.

Things to Make Life Easier

There are many types of restaurants that are suitable for every taste, and ideal for those who wish to give themselves a treat. The Kingston Public Market is one of the most popular places to buy fresh produce, and residents in housing with kitchenettes may want to try creating dishes with local produce. From simple home-style dishes to exotic flavors, there are many great restaurants that are perfect to visit with family or friends. Shopping enthusiasts will find everything they need in Kingston, from decor items to give your space a touch of home or clothing to fit your budget.

Exciting Activities

The range of cultural attractions helps ensure that seniors will always find something to enjoy during organised outings. One of the city’s favourite venues is the Grand Theatre, which hosts the Kingston Symphony Orchestra and also features a variety of programmes including dramas and comedies. The Museum of the Great Lakes is a popular attraction for history enthusiasts, especially those recently arrived in Kingston who are interested in learning more about the area. Those who love art will look forward to a trip to the Agnes Etherington Art Centre to see the diverse range of art.

Making the Decision

Once you’ve made the decision to retire to Kingston, your next step will be determining which type of housing will suit your needs. This will be a decision that you won’t regret. A great retirement awaits when you choose this Ontario community.


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